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    Plainpalais Apartments 
    Housing building extension 
    Rue Rodo, Geneva
    Photos: Luca Fascini

    To establish a standard, new service center in Tehran was decided by The Company of Persia Khodro, the business development representative of BMW in Iran. This complex had to be designed according to the standard norms of BMW all around the world close to the high tech atmosphere of BMW.

    For this aim DYBAN International office was selected to fulfill the project which was considered to be design in an existed old niches used as the main store.

    The main function of the complex was the workshop area which was needed to be considered as a double height lot containing the facilities of repairing, based on sophisticated details with exposed facilities. Also there is a reception area capable to have some entertainment facilities for the customers to provide some pleasure and fun time while they have their cars to be repaired. Also the view of gathering spaces toward the main workshop provide the customers to see the repair process every so often. The other functions such as administrative areas and BMW showroom located on the upper area with the view toward the main workshop.

    All the elements in the spaces are from metal and glass with high-tech details providing the atmosphere close to BMW products.