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    Jam Housing Complex

    Location: Asaluyeh,Boushehr,Iran

    Project Year: 2015-2020

    Project Type: Residential buildings

    Project site area: 26820 sqm.

    Client: Kavian Petrochemical Company


    This project is defined by Kavian petrochemical company for residing its employees near their work place.

    The primary concept was to across the current method of mass production in residential buildings in Iran and do something different in favor of paying more attention to inhabitants, culture of region and its climate.

    After studies and researches about the climate of Jam city, some solutions like natural ventilation, shading, blocking sunlight and green traces seems helpful solutions for subtilizing and cooling the harsh and warm weather of that region.

    The relationship of the people who are living in this complex and improving the quality of their social life has also been one of the main concerns of design. The garden pit and central courtyard with its local stores for buying necessary goods, will create a suitable space for presence of the people and their gatherings. The bridges between the blocks will facilitate the communication and movement of the residents and will further the integration of the blocks. Restricting motorways and transferring it to -1st floor of blocks and minimizing their interference with pedestrians has been another way to create a safer and more enjoyable space for residents.

    Modularity in design as far as possible will accelerate and facilitate construction operations and reduce its costs and also inhabitants will be benefited of the equality of spatial qualities and it will do it justice among them.

    Due to the high amount of sunlight in this area and the few number of cold days, it’s decided to use the solar water heater on the roof of the blocks for providing hot water which is needed by residents and it will be very helpful for reducing the cost of living of them. The green area will also be watered by the gray waters of the complex, which it will be helpful to lessen the loss of water and, consequently, damage the ecosystem of the area.