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    Persia Khodro Service Center and Showroom/ Lavasan

    Project Data:

    Project Type: Commercial-Service

    Project site area: 450 sq.

    Client: Persia Khodro co.


    The project function was BMW showroom and service center. The primary concept of the project is renovating the previous villa building and extending a commercial space, also convert it to a showroom center. The design process is inspired by BMW’s exclusive designs, BMW’s CI, dynamic lines, history and design hierarchy, specific BMW technology, and the vision of company’s future. On the other hand, the commercial extension to the existing building was another challenge to the project. These features develop the concept and the final form.

    Using monotonous glass view, shape the general form of the project. Designing the lighting and interior furniture is completely refer to concept of the project which defines the BMW’s CI, for instance for designing the main lighting exhibition space, the hierarchy of car’s front window in various years is used.

    The design of the BMW store, which includes a collection of lifestyle items (such as clothes, bags, etc.) and car goods, has been designed conceptually with converting the existent villa to a commercial, which caused maintaining the identity of the building with a new function