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    Shayan Hotel

    Location: Karbala,Iraq

    Project Year: 2016-2019

    Project Type: Hotel

    Project site area:  370sqm.

    Client: Shayan Foundation


    The Shayan Hotel project, is located on an area of 370 square meters in 13 floors with a built area of 4800 square meters. This hotel consist of 10-story accommodation spaces, service spaces, a lobby and two floors of the restaurant on the lower floors. From the beginning of the project, the most important issue was the creation of quality spaces commensurate with the needs of the hotel and the limits of the project’s site, which can match the spirit of the pilgrimage of the Holy City of Karbala. The many number of floors and the view to the Holy Shrines allow the upper floor to be allocated to a public space functioned as restaurant. Due to the fact that the hotel has a pilgrim guest house of two floors with a capacity of 100 people, it is expected to allocate more space to the restaurant at the peak of the pilgrimage season. Therefore, the second floor of the lobby with a dining-and-dining restaurant is devoted to this. The design of the hotel requires the provision of service and accommodation applications to predict different elevators in the project. The projections for housekeeping, restaurant, guest, and barracker elevators have led to a breakdown of applications and improved spatial quality in the project.

    The use of environmental metaphors to create a sense of ascent and ascension, tailored to the pilgrimage journey of existence, to self-knowledge and release, is considered as the main feature of the design of this project. The use of the Mashrabiyas, creates privacy and protects the building from environmental degradation factors and created a sense of belonging and alignment with the context.